Saturday, September 28, 2013

Antique Handwritten Miniature Quran With Illumination - Gray Cover

- miniature Quran on vellum/parchment, with original gray cover dotted with age marks
- size is very small at 3.7 cm x 2.8 cm (1.46" x 1.1")
- 2.8 cm in thickness (1.1")
- 8 illuminated pages, 4 pages at the start and 4 pages at the end
- 120 leaves, with 238 written including illuminated pages
- 10 lines per page in black ink and red margins
- complete Quran 30 ajza (chapters) with no missing pages
- origin from middle east, exact age unknown

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Antique Miniature Qur'an circa 1900 AD

Miniature Quran and metal locket with inset magnifying glass...

**weighs only 4.318g, is 25.708mm long, 19.517mm wide and 9.620mm thick**

Produced by the Glasgow publisher, David Bryce and Sons circa 1900, this Quran is about 111 years old now. Copies were frequently issued to Muslim soldiers fighting with the Allied troops during World War 1, often regarded as talismans. The metal locket allowed it to be easily worn around the neck of the soldier.

Bryce took an active interest in the latest technological advances in photolithography and electroplates to allow larger volumes to be reduced to the smallest imaginable size. Although only 2.57cm in height, the text is perfectly legible with the aid of the magnifying glass.

This antique miniature Quran bears a remarkable resemblance to the one belonging to a Chinese Muslim from Shianxi, China which is insured for RM1 million. Check out


Antique Handwritten Illuminated Qur'an #3 - Indonesia - Early 19th Century AD

- a beautiful, rare religious artefact
- an antique Qur'an from Indonesia, probably from Acheh (Qur'ans from Acheh normally have decoration/ilumination on the middle pages)
- estimated to be around 200 years old (early 19th century)
- completely handwritten with multi-coloured including gold illumination
- there are 6 illuminated pages - 2 in the beginning, 2 in the middle and 2 at the end
- complete 30 ajza/chapters with no missing pages
- written on thick fragrant papers
- contains 308 leaves and 616 pages
- writings on 608 pages, with frames on every page
- size is large at 31cm x 19cm
- original cover was damaged beyond repair and has been replaced with a new one

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Antique Handwritten Illuminated OTTOMAN QUR'AN 1859 AD / 1276 Hijriah

- a rare religious artefact from middle east
- an antique Qur'an scribed in Ottoman era
- fully handwritten with illumination and pure gold paint
- Qur'an is dated and signed
- completed in 1859/1860 AD or 1276 Hijriah
- scribe/calligrapher was Umar Redai
- complete 30 ajza/chapters with no missing pages
- contains 303 leaves and 606 pages
- writings on 604 pages, all pages have gold frames
- the small painting depicts the hazb market
- relatively small 18cm x 13.5cm
- original cover, embossed with gold paint

(Note: This Qur'an has a new owner now)

Antique Ottoman Ewer / Pitcher Set 1800 - 1850 AD

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Antique Handwritten Illuminated Qur'an #2 - Indonesia - 17th Or 18th Century AD

- a large antique Qur'an from Indonesia
- handwritten with illumination
- estimated to be 300 - 400 years old
- written on 'daluang papers' which was popular in 17th century Indonesia and widely used by scholars in 'pesantren' (daluang papers were manufactured from the bark of native saeh tree)
- complete 30 ajza/chapters with no missing pages
- contains 273 leaves and 546 pages
- text is vocalised, verses are separated by red circles, headings of surahs are in red ink
- 15 lines to a page in clear large naskhi script
- this is a big Qur'an, size is 35cm x 23cm
- on the last page there is a note in Arabic in red ink "Sultan of Bruni: 1391 H al-Brunyu" which indicates that this Qur'an had once belonged to the Sultanate of Brunei in 1971
- original cover was damaged beyond repair and was replaced with a new one